Fix "Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing" Error

How to Fix “Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing” Error

You might have heard about the error “Kernel is not seandroid enforcing”, this happens when your rooting process has gone wrong. You will not be able to boot up your device in such a situation. It is often known called or also shown as recovery is not seandrois enforcing. So what if you see this kind of message or the same issue with your device?? We will show you how to fix this issue. Before going into that let us see a little more about this.

What is “Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing” Error?

The error usually appears when you mistakenly installed a wrong custom ROM at the rooting process, and this doesn’t mean the kernel is not android enforcing. This might also be an incompatible file with the current firmware. This error is quite similar to the boot loop.

How to Fix “Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing” Error

Method 1: Factory Reset using Recovery Mode

One of the possible ways to fix Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing error is Factory reset on recovery mode. For doing this just follow the steps given below

Step 1: Turn off your Android device.

Step 2: Press the Volume up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously. It will enter into the recovery mode.

Step 3:  In that mode choose to wipe data/ factory reset. If you are under TWRP custom recovery then tap Wipe and then swipe the Factory Reset.

This has to work. Many users have reported that once the error occurs, they are unable to enter into the recovery mode. In such case, you need to know the Android kernel is not Seanfroid enforcing. If you too face this issue try the second method.

Method 2: Flash Stock ROM using Odin

Odin- a firmware flashing software being used by Samsung, which is able to fix many issues. However, before trying this make sure that, we do not recommend this for the beginners as it requires technical experience. In case you have some basic knowledge and wanted to try this… Then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Enter into Download Mode

  • Turn off your device
  • Press the Volume up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Once the device vibrates, release the Power button alone, and keep holding the other two buttons.
  • When you see a warning message on the screen, using the volume up to enter the download mode. you will now be able to see the Android logo.

Step 2: Flash your Android device

  • Connect your device with your computer using the USB cable.
  • Launch Odin3 on the computer. Wait for automatic detection. You will see Added!!! message on the program screen under the log tab. This means your device is detected.
  • It will start to flash your device. If the flashing failed, then repeat the process but make sure this time you use a different cable and USB port. Restart the computer and update and run the Odin as administrator.

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That’s it. Apart from this, there are many effective ways to fix “Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing” error. All you need is to be careful and must have basic technical skills to perform operations. You can also use FoneDog toolkit- broken Android data Extraction Software.

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