How to hide or mask IP Address using a VPN?

How to Hide IP Address

When a connection to any network your computer gets an address. You can imagine it as a network name – your computer can be recognized by it during a communication. It is the same when you are accessing the Internet. A special protocol that is installed on every computer is communicating with your Internet service provider and is given an Internet address which is unique for every computer on the internet.  In case you haven’t installed all required protocols your computer will not be allowed to join a network. The most commonly used protocol is IP/TCP protocol and is included in any Windows operating system you may be running on your machine. However, having a unique web address means that you are leaving a digital trail all over the Internet. Accessing a certain web page leaves your data in the page’s logs and by using those logs it can be established which computer used any of those internet resources. That is why some people tend to hide IP address while surfing the Internet.

As hiding IP address is our motive, it’s better to setup VPN on Routers. As all the devices are connected to Router, we need not install VPN on each devices. For a detailed guide to configure VPN on Routers, visit this website.

Hide IP address: Why would anyone do that?

Although most people do not bother too much with the possibility of being digitally traced, some people do not like the fact that their every step can be recognized. Whatever the reason for that maybe it is important to say that if you decide to hide IP address you will certainly become much harder to trace. The question that has to be asked is how do I do that?

Hide IP address: How to accomplish security

We established what hiding your IP can bring you. However, how to achieve that? This can be technically tricky. Basically, it is not hard to mask your IP address completely but in that case, you will also be completely invisible and inaccessible to any computer on the Internet. Your IP is used to locate your computer during the exchange of information on the Internet and to hide IP address completely is simply not the way to go. Instead, you may want to consider using an alternative method called anonymous proxy server.

Hide IP address: Proxy servers

There are few ways to hide your IP address while using anonymous proxy servers. We will enumerate four main types and give basic information about each of them so you know what your options are. First and probably the easiest way to use a proxy server is through a specialized website. Those websites can easily mask your internet address and that way making you untraceable for most servers. Next, there are browser configured servers. There are few more subtypes of those proxy servers but basically, they are similar to the website proxy server as they will make a request for you but under a different address. Furthermore, there is specialized software that will allow you to mask or alter your web address when communication on the Internet. They are reliable and fast, but they are also usually not free for use. Last but not least, many people are using virtual private networks to hide their IP addresses.

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