Box Chair - European Commission Pavilion

Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) North was selected in a closed competition among seven European architecture firms to design and manage the development of the European Commission’s Pavilion for the World Mobile Congress 2016 in Barcelona.
The competition took place in October 2015 and aimed at delivering a unique pavilion design that would communicate both the multicultural and innovative identity of the European Union. The vision of the European Commission (EC) was a stand that would convey key messages regarding the evolution of the telecom industry while its design would highlight the Commission’s unifying character. You can read more about the competition here.
The Box Chair was especially designed for the needs of the EC Pavilion and in particular, for its “Conference Room”. Due to the small scale of the Pavilion we needed a solution that could simultaneously help with the lack of storage, while also seat the visitors.
Designing an object that could transform the way the space was used was key for us. Therefore the upper surface of the chair folds and unfolds in such way that a person can stand on top of it when it is flat. Combining several chairs can form a small stage.
Additionally, the practical box shape makes storing them easy.
The chair was designed by OPA and constructed in MAAK in collaboration with Ron Boudrie