Emporiou Square Design Competition, Serres (2014-2015)

Team / Collaborators: Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Konstantinos Kosmas, Nestoras Skatzouris, Tasos Theodorakakis

The site of the competition, has historically been a meeting point in which historic buildings coexisted along with commercial activity, which today is the only element of identity in the region justifying its name. Emporiou Square represents the public space in which coexisted different realities and which was defined by the dynamics of the buildings within the designated time.
Traces of the past, memory fragments, scattered pieces of history, an identity and self-awareness. Our intervention is nothing more than to expose and highlight these elements, which already exist but remain hidden. The apocalypse of this “hidden” relationship must be achieved through a new composition as currently the “square” can not be defined either conceptually nor spatially. The principles of our intervention on Emporiou Square are being based on these exact relationships established between the created and the empty space (void- plateau). Specifically those elements of identity that would have the potential to reveal the primary topography of the city leading to the recovery of the identity of the region, and finally resulting in the void to eventually become a square.

The submission got the first prize (one of the three first, equal prizes).

2014-2015 Municipality of Serres ARCHITECTURE, COMPETITIONS