Europan 12, Schiedam, The Netherlands (2013)

Team / Collaborators: Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou, Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Georgios Siokas, Terpsichori Latsi, Reem Saouma, Haris Heizanoglou

Downtuin Schiedam proposes a bottom up strategy in creating interconnected and flexible “Gardens” responding to the social and economical changes of the city and its inhabitants. The city garden of the Koemarkt.

The new traffic-free square, becomes an urban pedestrian “garden” fed by everyday urban activities. The 24/7 lively stage, and open flexible space surrounded by cafés and their terraces, accommodates different kinds of urban activities. The steps leading to the sloped park provide a perfect place to sit, to hang out and to enjoy the liveliness of the activities taking place on the square. The park, a green extension of the Koemarkt, provides a recreational green park with views towards the city center, the industrial sites and the Schie, a connecting landmark within the city. The industrial buildings and the space around them offer an experimental ground for creating transitional landscapes and temporary programming that can change and adapt to the future necessities of Schiedam city.

Downtuin Schiedam is also a connecting park. In the end you can imagine our proposal as a large green sheet that connects, unifies and merges disconnected neighborhoods in the city of Schiedam.

2013 Municipality of Schiedam (Gemeente Schiedam) & Europan Foundation ARCHITECTURE, COMPETITIONS