Yin & Yang, Porto Rafti, Greece, 2015-16, Schematic Design (Ongoing)

Team: Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou, Pantelis Kampouropoulos, Michalis Takopoulos, Anna-Rosa Moschouti, Dimitra Chrysovergi

A unique residential project located nearby the top of the hill in Porto Rafti with an amazing view to the sea and the surrounding islands. Comprised by two, identical (mirrored) 350sqm residences. The client asked to design the interiors of both residences and also to suggest interesting solutions for the sloppy landscape, as long as for the connection between the two houses and the infinity pool.

Part of the brief was to design interiors with a bare, minimal luxury with a “elegant use of rough materials”, maximum transparency and unobstructed view to the sea from all sides.

OPA’s approach involved the use of bare concrete, wood, glass and black steel elements that would integrate harmonically with the existing building shells, made of bare concrete (foamboard finishing). As the orientation of the houses is South and the sunshine quite harsh, especially during Spring&Summer, we proposed a shading system of more dense steel frame for the windows but also horizontal, wooden blinds for the windows of the bedrooms, upstairs.

The breathtaking view of the sea is visible from all corners of the plot, and that lead us to use water as a connecting element, between the horizon, via the pool and into/between the houses. This way, the rough, gritty mountain obtains crystallic reflective surfaces that soften the rough edges and connect the concrete blocks with the blue of the horizon and the sky.