How to stream all UFC fights on PS4 Live for Free (No Cost)

Over the past years, the need for streaming online was pretty high. In specific, to watch the sports contents. There are two different ways to stream any content on your PS4, either you can opt for paid service or go for free services. We highly recommend you to go for the paid service to watch UFC on PS4.

If you think the cost is higher, then you can go with this article where we have explained how to watch UFC on PS4 for free of cost and to get the UFC fight pass for less price.

How to watch UFC on PS4 for Free

If you are planning to watch UFC on PS4 for free, then navigate to It is one of the top m3u based streaming sites, that allows you to stream the content directly via the browser.

Sadly, it works only on the Russian IP address. If you are a Russian or live in Russia, then you hit a jackpot. Or else, you’ll need a VPN to change your IP address to Russia or any other desired location server.

Masking your IP with Russian IP, let’s you stream the contents for free. You’ll need a VPN to watch UFC on PS4 to stream content in both free and paid methods.

Get UFC Fight Pass for less Price

UFC is a global sport and it’s really unfair to charge everyone with the same amount of price. To be more literal, people in some countries can’t afford it. So the price of the PPV varies from country to country.

By changing your IP address to the Philippines using a VPN like ExpressVPN and purchase the UFC fight pass at their local currency. When comparing to the USD, the price is less than one third of the actual amount.


These are the steps to stream UFC on PS4 without any trouble. You can save more when you purchase a UFC FIght Pass for a 6-month subscription. If you are facing any issue, do let us know in the comment section below.

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