Things To Know Before You Buy a New Router

If you are a gamer, you may well equip yourself with the fastest PC with the best components; if your network is not up to par, it will be for nothing. With our homes filling up with connected objects, saturated systems are more and more frequent, and internet service providers’ boxes often lag in performance.

So if you want to avoid the lag that causes that famous delay between the moment you press a button and the action that occurs on the screen, we explain how a router suitable for online gaming will improve your gaming experience. We have also listed some of the best gaming routers.

Why Get a Gaming Router?

Gaming routers are equipped with features to reduce lag and pings while providing fast connection speed. This type of router often adopts a design that matches the aesthetics of the gamer’s hardware - black and red colors, angular shapes - but it is also suitable for all those who seek, above all, to increase the performance of their network.

What Are The Essential Features of a Gaming Router?

All routers work on the same principle. Their role is to transmit data packets over a device’s network to its final destination and vice versa. But the difference between a gaming router and a regular router is that they don’t transfer this data with the same efficiency.

Price is one of the important things to be considered while buying any product. Getting good as well as budget routers for PC or Laptop, or consoles like Xbox, PS4, Ps3 is quite a bit process. So we have listed out some of the main things one should focus while choosing a router.

Gaming routers will notably have:

  • Multiple antennas.
  • More Ethernet ports.
  • Faster connection speed.
  • An adapted Quality of Service.
  • Open source firmware.
  • MU-MIMO and beamforming.

Things To Know Before You Buy a New Router

Dual-Band or Tri-Band Router?

Any recent router operates on at least two radio bands. The 2.4GHz frequency is the most used band and offers a greater range, but the 5GHz band is much faster. If you have many devices connected to your network, a Tri-Band router is the best option as it adds a 5GHz band, which can be dedicated to specific applications. If your PC or console accepts wifi 5GHz, you can pretty much only use this 3 rd band for the game, which will allow other everyday applications to use the other two bands without saturating the network.


This feature allows devices to prove the internet connectivity of multiple devices at the same speed. This function is suitable if the router is to be used by an entire home or office so that the connections are not weakened due to multiple uses.


QoS (Quality of Service)

As we have already mentioned in our article dedicated to QoS, the Quality of Service on a router can significantly improve your network’s performance. Prioritizing traffic is an essential option for a player who needs to have enough bandwidth while playing, even if other devices are on the network. Most routers have QoS, but the way it is managed differs between a gaming router and a regular router.

But gamer routers go further by providing the ability to prioritize specific gaming apps or devices and allowing the user to decide how much bandwidth to allocate to each client. This bandwidth limit is more important if you have several people playing at the same time at your place. Many manufacturers of specialized routers for gamers have worked on their management interface. They now allow you to change priorities very simply and adapt in almost real-time according to needs.

Bandwidth Capacity

Perhaps more important than the number of bands, the bandwidth’s capacity has an immediate impact on your performance. Expressed in megabits per second, the maximum speed is often indicated after the wifi standard (AC or AX). This figure is the sum of the maximum speeds of each band.

You will see in our router tests this detailed speed for each band. Check your box’s maximum speed because it would be a shame to opt for a router that is ultimately less powerful. If you have any doubts, rest assured, gaming routers are among the most powerful devices on the market, and there is little chance that your box provided by the ISP will be up to the task.


A gaming router offers many features that will improve the gaming experience. But along with it, your entire network will benefit from the precise control of the router.  There is no doubt that an unstable connection will dash your hopes of being competitive in online games.

Even if you don’t play competitive games, there is nothing more frustrating than playing a game with internet lag. That’s is why you should get a good router. We also gave you the list of things to know before you buy a new router. I hope this will be useful for you. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

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